24 in '24

a FREE Stitch-A-Long

to last the whole year!

For Quilters who love Cross-stitch


Cross-stitchers who love Quilting

Do you want to combine your hobbies of quilting and cross-stitch?

Do you want 2024 to be the year to make more time for yourself and create?

If you do - then we have created this FREE and unique opportunity, just for you!

Based on quilting blocks, you will receive 24 cross stitch patterns AND 24 quilting patterns to create in this year long Stitch-A-Long.

Take 10-15 minutes a day to yourself and enjoy some stitching time to create these manageable-sized blocks.

What is 24 in '24?

This is a FREE Stitch-A-Long

You will receive 24 individual small projects

throughout 2024, hence the name, 24 in '24.

Twice a month, on the 1st and 15th of each month, you will receive a block pattern to make in BOTH cross stitch and quilting, sent by email directly to your inbox to download.

The first patterns will reach your inbox on

1st January 2024.

You will have the chance to create the same block design in either quilting or cross-stitch, or both. The choice is yours.

Every month, you will receive quilting tips and techniques guiding you on how you can quilt each block if you want some inspiration.

Each quarter, we will give you a project idea on how you can use the cross stitch blocks to create accessories and home decor items.

At the end of the year you will see how all the quilt blocks come together to be sewn into a 68" x 68" sampler quilt

with setting instructions included as part of this FREE Stitch-A-Long.

We also have a private Facebook group just for those taking part in 24 in '24, so you can ask any questions, share your progress, and meet new stitchy friends.

Excited to get started?

Join us for this FREE Stitch-A-Long.

Disclaimer: Please note that by joining the 24 in '24 Stitch-a-long, you are consenting to receive emails from all four of your hosts.

We all do however respect your privacy and will not spam you.

Meet your hosts

We are four quilty friends who, until February 2022, were complete strangers!

We met while taking an online course, having been put randomly into a small study group together, and immediately hit it off. We definitely lucked out on our group!

We still meet over Zoom every week to inspire, encourage and support each other as we continue to build our respective businesses.

We are spread over two continents and three countries and may never meet each other IRL, however our collaboration goes to show that distance and time zones do not matter.

Tanya Clarke


Hi, I'm Tanya and

I have always loved sewing in all its forms however my passion is cross stitch and hand sewing.

I love the look of quilts and quilt blocks so I have chosen to combine my love of both and now design cross stitch patterns based on quilt patterns.

I am so excited to share this combination with you all in 2024.

Erin Tame


Oh, hey! I’m Erin! 2024 is going to be full of amazing projects, and I’m so looking forward to joining you all on this fun stitching adventure. I created Intuitive Maker in 2022 to bring more lightness and joy into the world through the art of quilting. I aim to create an authentic, happy community full of laughter and connection, and 24 in ‘24 is the perfect place to bring it all together.

Manon Hunt

Mom and Me Quilting Co


Hello there, I’m Manon and my quilty heart beats for helping you succeed with confidence.

Machine quilting is my jam, and I'm here to provide you with the knowledge and guidance you need to machine quilt confidently. I'm thrilled to share my machine quilting journey and all the handy tips I've picked up along the way.

Gigi Thorsen



Hello! I’m Gigi!

My shop name, dizzlePOP, came from my daughter's gaming adventures. Yup, I stole from my own kid.

I love making small snappy accessories with fabric, and am so excited to give you several tutorials this year so you can join me in sewing things that are fun and useful.

Just to recap, this is what you will get as part of

this FREE Stitch-A-Long

  • Bi-weekly on the 1st and 15th of each month, two patterns, one for cross stitch and one for quilting, sent directly to your inbox
  • Monthly quilting tips and techniques
  • Quarterly projects which use the individual cross stitch blocks
  • At the end of the year, the setting instructions to create a 68" x 68" sampler quilt
  • PLUS throughout the whole year, a private Facebook group just for 24 in '24 members


What materials and equipment will I need?

Once you have registered to join, you will receive an email listing all the fabric and thread requirements for the whole of the Stitch-A-Long.

What if I join part way through the year, will I have access to the previous patterns?

Yes. All patterns will be available on a recap page so you can download any patterns you may have missed.

What support is available if I get stuck?

We will have a private Facebook group for all those taking part in 24 in '24. You can ask questions in the group if you need any help and you can also contact us by email.

Is this really free?

YES! You will only need to buy the fabrics and threads, we really are offering all these patterns to you for FREE in 2024.

Are you now ready to join?


Disclaimer: Please note that by joining the 24 in '24 Stitch-A-Long, you are consenting to receive emails from all four of your hosts.

We all do however respect your privacy and will not spam you.

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